The Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for PS

Shai’s Essential Keybinds for PS

I have been working in PS for years and I still learn new things everyday. So today, I thought I’d help out our artist community with these keybinds/Keyboard Shortcuts. With every software you learn, you need these guides on a billboard, to help you in mastering your art. I am still working on personalizing my workflow. Some things are just finicky and so hard to memorize. >.<

How to use the guide:

The top half of the infographic shows some of the more commonly used commands in PS. Depending on the OS you use, just swap out the CTRL with COMMAND for macs. The bottom half shows you the  illustration on where these commands fall on your keyboard. These work on default installation but fine tune them according to how  you like.

If you find some actions not applicable to the type of work you do, just edit it out with the Keyboard Shortcuts Preferences (CTRL +SHIFT +ALT + K) and make your own.

What keyboard shortcuts are vital to your workflow?

<3 Shai


Shai Delacroix's Keyboard Shortcuts for PS

Shai Delacroix’s Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for PS